How to keep your laboratory clean and safe during Global Pandemic?

After the new virus outbreak in the end of 2019, all researchers were forced to be extremely careful with keeping their laboratory equipment clean. They had to take additional precautions to avoid contamination of their cell cultures.

Gentaur/Genprice suggests simple and cost effective decision with a special product line for disinfection and decontamination of laboratory apparatus and surfaces. You can protect your cell surface area from microbial contaminants for a month with Biocidal spray. This reagent contains high-active quaternary ammonium ingredients against bacteria, spores, fungi and enveloped viruses. It cannot be spread by air and invade the cell cultures.

You can use Biocidal for cleaning and chemical sterilization of incubators, laminar flow cabinets and others. It is available for purchase in the sizes of 1L, 6 x 1L. 12 x 0.2 ml and a cannister of 5L.

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For stainless steel or glass water heating baths, Aquaclean is the right protecive reagent against bacteria, algae, fungi and enveloped viruses. It is a blue coloured additive used as an indicator for the level of contamination in water bath fluids. The decolourization of the blue water bath fluid is a proof for microbial invasion. The ingredients in the Aquaclean’s formula do not represent a risk for the cell cultures’ viability since they are non-volatile. It ensure protection for at least 4 weeks.

Aquaclean is packed in a bottle of 250 ml for long-term application.

Aquaclean also has a version called Acryl-Aquaclean for application in heating water bath fluids compatible with acrylic glass and aluminium.

Clean your cell area surfaces with Biocidal for only 130 USD/1L!

Protect your heating water baths from contamination with AquaClean for only 140 USD/250ml!