Coomassie Blue Staining of SDS-PAGE

Objective: to staining gel that is not used to transfer the scheme to monitor the purification of the protein, or to ensure that no protein remaining after transfer

1x Coomasie Blue Dye
Isopropylalcohol 25% 500ml
Acetic Acid 10% 200ml
R250 0.025% Coomasie Blue 0.5g
1.3L water
Total 2 L

10% Acetic Acid

  • stains at least 4 hours to ensure all the protein was stained
  • destain long enough so that the background is clear (a piece of foam or paper towels can be added to the solution to accelerate the destaining)
  • can stain or destain for a long time as long as there is no solution left on the plate
  • take a picture or dried gel to keep record