Are you afraid that your dog may be infected with Brucellosis?

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Brucellosis is a bacterial infection caused by Brucella canis.  It is known as one of the main reasons that leads to infertility in kennels. A classic sign of brucellosis is abortion during the third trimester of pregnancy. The pathogenic bacterium mainly attacks the reproductive organs (steroid-dependent tissues) but can also migrate to the eyes, spinal column, liver, spleen and lymph nodes. Other symptoms are stillbirths and conception failures. Brucellosis can be easily transmitted between the individuals and also from dogs to humans. Clinical symptoms in humans can vary from mild, nonspecific or flulike symptoms to infertility or serious cardiac or neurological problems.

Usually, Brucella canis can be transmitted during direct contact with infected dog body fluids, such as semen, vaginal secretions, and urine. It invades the body via the mucous membranes of the genitals, nose, eyes, or mouth and is spread throughout the body (organs) via blood and lymph nodes.

Many studies showed that the Brucellosis infection may result in different disorders in male and female dogs. Clinical symptom in the female dog is infertility with 75% of cases resulting in abortion up to 55th day of gestation. In male dog, there are severe inflammation and/or infection of the testicle. In the early phase of infection, the testicles will be enlarged and painful. Infected males will become sterile due to testicular damage causing anti-sperm antibody formation. Male dogs may also develop prostatitis with clinical symptoms of difficulty urinating and defecating. In summary ,the symptoms for both sexes can include lethargy, weight loss, and exercise intolerance. More specific clinical symptoms will depend on the organ infected but can include inflammation of the spine, eye, heart and skin.

Figure 1. An image of Brucella canis cell culture extract under a microscope.

There are accurate tests for detection of brucellosis based on PCR and ELISA but they must be performed correctly. For fast results obtain, it is recommended to use rapid test kits for detection of antibodies in blood samples. But if the test is positive, it is important to confirm the results with another assay, for example PCR, that is specific forBrucella spp. antigens.

An accurate diagnosis can be made by positive culture of the bacteria in blood or tissue. However, the Brucella canis is difficult to be detected in early stages. PCR assays can confirm the presence of active infection by detecting DNA of the Brucella spp., but these tests are not yet available in all vet laboratories. Ultrasound and/or X-rays can show abnormalities in the prostate and testicles, and inflammation of the spine in cases of discospondylitis.

There is no guaranteed therapy for this infection in dogs. Long-term doses of combinations of antibiotics have been tested but the disease can reappear. Since the infection is zoonotic- can be transmitted to humans – euthanasia of infected animals is recommended to stop the infection from spreading.

Gentaur/Genprice Brucella canis Ab test kits represent a fast immunochromatographic assay for qualitative detection of antibodies in dog’s whole blood, serum or plasma. The test device has a testing reservoir, marks of T and C as “Test   Line” and “Control  Line” respectively on the surface.  Both lines are not visible if a sample is not applied in the testing reservoir.  The C line should always appear if the assay is performed properly and the test reagents work. The T line will become visible (coloured in purple) if there is enough antibodies against Brucella canis in the whole blood, serum or plasma sample.

The assay performance takes between 15 and 20 minutes which helps to the veterinarians and dog breeders to get fast initial results about the health status of the dog in case of possible infection with Brucellosis. There is a comparative study of the product #RB21-03 Rapid Canine Brucella Ab Test kit with 2-mercaptoethanol Rapid  Slide Agglutination Test that shows the overall accuracy of #RB21-03 to be equal or higher than 90.00%. After testing of 101 dogs suspected to be brucellosis positive, the product #GEN-9014 Canine Brucella Ab Test kit showed a sensitivity of 100% and specificity of 98.1%. These results demonstrate the high accuracy and reliability of both antibody test kits. However, the positive results must be confirmed with additional clinical analyses based on PCR for detection of Brucella canis DNA as a proof for active brucellosis infection.

Figure 2. Brucella Ab test kits provided by Gentaur/Genprice: A) A scheme of the test assay procedure; B) Images of the kit packs
These tests are for professional in vitro diagnostic use only.

Gentaur/Genprice recommends you to consult with a veterinarian about the test procedures and correct interpretation of the results.

Mariya Yordanova, PhD , part of biotech support team at Gentaur/Genprice