Biocidal ZF

Unique incubators and float hoods laminar disinfectant spray. It protects your mobile cultures towards microorganisms, fungi, spores, and encapsulated viruses.

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Cat Number: WAK-ZF-1

Size : 1 Bottle

Price : 162 $

Category :Reagent


Biocidal ZF is powerful against bacteria, spores and incubated virus.

Its energetic ingredients aren’t volatile. It does no longer invade plants thru the air, mobile cultures are consequently protected against contamination and the energetic marketers of the disinfectant. protect their plants against micro bacteria pollutants.

The energetic components in Biocidal ZF are quaternary ammonium compounds, these wreck the virus-membrane and thereby inactivate enveloped viruses.

Biocidal ZF is meant to be applied via spraying onto the surfaces. at the surfaces a defensive layer bureaucracy that is lively in opposition to micro organism, fungi, enveloped viruses and which prevents spores from for about four weeks.

On workbenches or surfaces with a number of paintings effect, Biocidal ZF should be applied greater regularly (after the paintings shift). In incubators, the spray can be carried out every 4 weeks best.