Corning® Low Volume 384-well Black Flat Bottom Polystyrene NBS Microplate, 10 per Bag, without Lid, Nonsterile

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Cat Number: 163301

Size : 384 Well

Price : 18 $

Category :Reagent

General Description

• round nicely design with a solid black flat backside
• 2.8 mm distance between nicely bottoms to plate backside
• established with the aid of Molecular gadgets for the FLIPR reader. Outer wells aligned for proper viewing with FLIPR
• ideal for miniaturized 384 properly fluorescent homogeneous assays
• now not dealt with (or medium binding) polystyrene floor is hydrophobic in nature and binds biomolecules thru passive interactions
• appropriate commonly for the immobilization of large molecules, consisting of antibodies, that have massive hydrophobic areas which could interact with the surface (binding potential of approximately one hundred to 200ng IgG/cm2)